Self-Pour Pro Tips: Building a Pro Forma

If you’re considering self-pour technology, it’s helpful to understand the potential profit & loss you’ll face. We’ve made it easy with a simple pro forma that you can use for your business.

Our team of self-pour experts has years of experience working with operators to develop successful concepts in a variety of markets. A common question that we hear during the early stages of this process is, “How much will I make?”

To help potential operators get a clear understanding of the opportunity that lies in the self-serve market, we’ve created a simple and easy pro forma worksheet. Using this free template, operators can consider a couple of different ways to look at their business to determine what kind of profit and loss they’ll face as they get started.

Download the free worksheet and one of our self-pour experts will reach out to set up a time to walk through walk you through the process and build your pro forma.

What is a pro forma?

Pro forma is a method of calculating financial results using certain projections or assumptions and the results are used by management for aiding in business decisions and developing a business plan and investment structure.

Unlike other self-pour solutions, our technology collects data for every ounce poured across all iPourIt systems and we’re able to use that historical data to help improve our predictive success.

Pro forma assumptions

When developing a self-pour pro forma, we’ll consider two different approaches so that we can triangulate the data and get more accurate results.


  • By number of ounces sold by tap count
  • Historical data: best practice, average and under-performer 


  • By number of patrons served
  • Historical data: patron spend, throughput and turnover 

Pro forma considerations

  • Number of taps
  • Product offering
  • Food or no food
  • Selling price
  • Cost of goods
  • Location size
  •  Seat count
  • Patio & outdoor seating
  • Seasonality %
  • Spend per visit
  • Turnover
  • Total patron count per year
  • Lease expense

If you have questions, contact us at (949)270-0556 or sales@ipourit.com.

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