Self-Pour Pro Tips: Hosting a Tap Takeover

Tap takeovers are a big trend in the craft beer world. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s exactly as it sounds.

What Is a Takeover Event?: A local brewery is invited to temporarily take over several taps or draft lines at a bar, restaurant, taproom, etc., and highlight a hand-picked line-up of their beers. The event can last for a single day, several weeks, or even a whole month.

Why do it: Perfect for both craft beer novices and seasoned connoisseurs, tap takeover events are a great way for attendees to experience new beers, brewers, and drinking venues. Enthusiasts can discover new favorites, and existing fans get the chance to taste them in a new location.

Tap takeovers are also a great opportunity for operators and brewers to:

  • Create a new partnership for advertising their event
  • Promote their businesses to a new audience
  • Offer a fun event for existing patrons
  • Socialize with customers, generating goodwill, loyalty, and direct feedback
Tap Takeover Ideas

→  Be sure to plan ahead and hold a tasting with your staff so they’re familiar with the products and have solid talking points to educate customers during the tap takeover. It’s best to have members of the brewery team at the event so they can engage with guests and help promote their products.

→  To maximize impact and attendance, work with the brewer to cross-promote the tap takeover to both customer bases well in advance. Marketing the event on social media is a great way to spread the word and gain interest from new followers who may become loyal customers after attending. You can also create takeover posters to advertise the event at both businesses.

Takeovers are better with self-pour

Self-serve beer wall systems are the ultimate platform for a tap takeover. Not only does self-serve alcohol technology elevate the experience for guests, but it also offers an array of valuable benefits for the hosts. 

Benefits for guests

Taste on your own terms
Skip the line at the bar and head straight to the tap wall, where you can sip and sample your way through the guest taps, pouring as little or as much as you please. Build your own flight or grab a full pint.

Get to know the line-up
Check out the tap screens to see full details for each beer including style, ABV, IBU, description, and tasting notes. 

Benefits for hosts

Serve multiple guests simultaneously
Enhance customer experience by eliminating the wait for a beer while reducing labor needs and maximizing sales.

Free-up your staff
Get your staff out from behind the bar so they can focus on promoting the guest beers and engaging with customers.

Say goodbye to giveaways
Requests for free tastes are a thing of the past since customers can pour them on their own tab.

How iPourIt technology can help

Hosting a tap takeover event may sound like a big undertaking, especially the part where you have to swap out a bunch of kegs. iPourIt self-pour technology makes it all easier to manage with a number of special features designed to help streamline the process and cut out the manual work.

Bench Keg
This handy feature allows you to easily remove a keg from the tap wall, saving the price per ounce, keg size, and ounces remaining in the system so you can add it right back once the event is over.

Keg Inventory
Save details for all of the beers that are coming in for the event beforehand so you’re ready to go on the big day. Simply add the new kegs to your Keg Inventory and then send the info straight to the tap screens as soon as they’re tapped.

Automated Pricing Specials
Offer special discounts on any or all of the guest taps during set times to encourage guests to grab a discounted taste before it’s too late. Pricing will change automatically during the specified times so you can set it, forget it, and focus on the event.

Need assistance?
Our team of self-pour experts is on-hand to help make sure your event is a success. Just reach out to the iPourIt Customer Care Team at least 24 hours in advance and they will be happy to assist you with system set-up and best practice tips. 

Contact us at 949-270-0556 to learn more about hosting a tap takeover and the other ways iPourIt self-pour technology can benefit your business.

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