Self-serve taprooms are the latest trend

self-serve trend
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iPourIt continues to expand with new beer wall installations each week across the country. As the market grows, the trend catches on creating a unique experience for patrons and business success for operators.

Self-serve beer and wine is the latest trend in the food & beverage industry. As the early pioneer in the industry, iPourIt has an extreme amount of data and business intel to share with operators and entrepreneurs.

The food & beverage industry is changing. Consumers want immediate satisfaction and freedom of choice. The self-serve concept offers just that.

The publishing company Business North Carolina noticed the rapid growth and development of the self-serve market and iPourIt technology. As more and more self-pour taprooms open in North Carolina, one can’t help but notice the unique experience and benefits it offers for both patron and operator.

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READ: Self-serve taprooms are the latest trend

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