Self-serving taproom to open in Uptown Greenville


MPourium, a beer and bottle shop, is opening in Greenville, N.C. this spring with a 50-tap self-serve beer wall powered and supported by iPourIt.

iPourIt continues to grow in 2019 with new self-serve beer wall installations occurring each week. That includes MPourium, a self-serve taproom and bottle shop opening in Greenville, N.C. this spring.

Patrons can pour their own beer and wine from the 50-tap beer wall.
In addition to self-serving beer and wine, MPourium is also a bottle shop. One side of the shop will have 50 taps for self-serving and the other side will offer beer and wine for purchase.

The East Carolinian wrote and published an article regarding MPourium. They mention, “MPourium styles itself as unique kind of brewery with the slogan, ‘Explore Your Pour.’ The new beer and wine shop will be located at 814 Dickinson Ave.”

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About MPourium

MPourium is Uptown’s first self-pour taproom and bottle shop, located on Dickinson Ave. Featuring a 50-tap self-serve beer wall, you can control your own tasting experience, avoid long lines, and pour as much or as little as you want! The 50 taps will include a rotating selection of 45 beers, four wines, and a champagne. The light contemporary design and open seating offers a positive and inviting atmosphere. Learn more at https://www.mpourium.com/.

READ: Self-serving taproom to open in Uptown Greenville

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