Stanley Beer Hall Re-Opens With A Self-Serve Beer Wall

After opening at the end of 2016, Stanley Beer Hall knew the location needed something to create a true beer hall experience, which is why they added the iPourIt system.

After a year of operations, the owners of Stanley Beer Hall decided to close down and renovate for a month, in hopes to achieve the ideal customer experience. That is when they turned to iPourIt to help create a true “beer hall” experience by installing 25 self-serve taps onto their new beer wall. “We are even better equipped to be a true beer hall,” said co-owner Mark Shaker. “This new system makes it easier for our guests to sample different types of craft beer and wine in a fun environment.”

As noted in the article below, the wall isn’t just beer; there are also seven wine taps, a cider tap, two rotating cocktail taps, a nitro coffee tap and a kombucha tap. In addition to adding the iPourIt System, the owners of Stanley Beer Hall refurbished the interior and covered patio area of the location, allowing guests to pour their own beverage-of-choice all year round. Click the link below to read the full article.

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