Choosing the Right Self-Pour Solution: Tap Wall vs Kiosk

Choosing the right solution is crucial so let’s dive into how to pick the perfect fit for your establishment—kiosk, tap wall, or a combination of the two.

Tap Wall vs Kiosk: Key Takeaways

  • iPourIt offers a variety of self-pour solutions that can be custom-configured to suit your business needs, budget, and location
  • Some factors to consider: space, beverage selection, timeline and goals
  • Tap wall systems are ideal for high-volume venues, offering a large selection and dramatic display of beverage options
  • Kiosk systems are perfect for existing businesses and smaller spaces, quick and easy to set up and relocate

Whether it’s a turnkey kiosk or a custom tap wall system, iPourIt self-pour technology provides the same smart features, advanced functionality, and big business benefits. But each type of system offers distinct characteristics and advantages that may better suit your business depending on several factors:

1. Space

Tap Wall: Ideal for high-volume venues and establishments with ample wall space. Keep in mind: tap wall systems are a 3-part solution, so you will need to factor the beverage dispense components and a walk-in cooler into your plans. This also means tap walls require construction and are great for renovations or new-build situations.

Kiosk: Compact and versatile, stand-alone kiosks are perfect for businesses with limited space or those looking for a portable solution that can be moved from an indoor area to a patio. Kiosks contain all of the components of a tap wall, but in a turnkey, self-contained format that’s great for existing businesses.

2. Timeline

Tap Wall: Tap walls are a fully customized solution and the design and installation process typically requires more time and planning. Other factors like building permits and coordination with third-party contractors will also impact the timeline.

Kiosk: Quick to set up and deploy, stand-alone kiosks offer a quick turnaround for businesses seeking immediate implementation. Systems ship within 8 to 10 weeks and installation can be done in just one day.

3. Beverage Selection

Tap Wall: Great for tasting applications and businesses looking to offer a wide variety of beverages simultaneously. From craft beers to wines and cocktails, patrons can enjoy an extensive selection, encouraging exploration and experimentation. The sky is the limit here— choose 1-100+ taps!

Kiosk: Since each system features between 4 and 8 taps, kiosks are perfect for highlighting specific beverage offerings or for applications focused on convenience and quick service with a smaller selection.

4. Goals

Tap Wall: Ideal for businesses looking to differentiate themselves with an immersive, interactive, and memorable experience. Tap walls foster social engagement, allow customers to explore and taste a variety of beverages, and make it easy to offer something for everyone, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Kiosk: Perfect for businesses focusing on convenience, accessibility, and scalability, stand-alone kiosks offer a streamlined plug-and-pour solution. Whether supplementing existing offerings or serving as a standalone attraction, you can integrate the kiosk as a revenue-generating direct paid service, premium amenity, or as part of a membership or loyalty program.

→ Kiosks are great add-ons for a larger tap wall system, allowing you to expand the self-pour experience to different spaces within your location.

Tap WallKiosk
Number of taps1 - 100+4, 6 or 8
Type of beveragesAgnostic: beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew coffee + moreAgnostic: beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew coffee + more
Construction requiredX-
Ability to relocate-X
Taps per screen1, 2, 3 or 41, 2, 3 or 4
Ideal use casePay-to-Pour, Loyalty ProgramPay-to-Pour, Amenity, Membership, Loyalty Program
Perfect forNew builds or renovations, large spacesExisting businesses, smaller areas

When deciding on a self-pour beverage solution, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess your business’s available space, desired timeline, beverage selection, and overarching goals.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the perfect system or combination of systems to elevate your establishment, streamline operations, and boost your bottom line.

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