Indulging in Options at Tap’d

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Tap’d has brought new life to a prime downtown space in Ventura, California with iPourIt’s self-pour tap system.

iPourIt partners with Sean Ardoin and Robert Washingon to bring a unique and innovative tap house to Ventura. Tap’d offers a variety of 43 craft beers on tap. With the self-pour tap system, patrons have the freedom to pour what they want and to pay by the pour.

Many people don’t know the accuracy of iPourIt’s technology. While the system measures a patron’s pour with 99% accuracy, it’s 100% convenient, according to Dane Edmondson at Ventura County Reporter.

To read Dane’s full review of Tap’d and iPourIt’s self-serve technology, click below.

About Tap’d

Tap’d is the first and only self-serve craft beer taproom in Ventura, California. Dedicated to the local community, Tap’d offers a selection of 43 of the finest local and regional craft beers and wines. Tap’d provides a unique customer experience with no lines, direct access to try any beer or wine of the customers’ choosing, and upscale gourmet food. Learn more at https://www.tapdventura.com or https://www.instagram.com/tapdventura/.

READ: Indulging in Options at Tap’d

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