The Bulldog Bar Returns to South Broad Ripple with 48 Taps of Self-Pour Beer & Wine

The updated concept opens its doors this Friday and features the city’s first large-scale self-serve tap wall

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 8, 2022)The Bulldog Bar and Lounge is returning to its former home as a new, elevated concept that offers three distinct experiences including a sports bar, family-friendly dining area, and soon-to-come cocktail lounge. In addition to a full-service bar, The Bulldog features a new self-pour tap wall experience pouring 48 different beers, wines, and mixed drinks.

Partners John Bales, Brian Knoderer, and Caroline Smith wanted to bring back the nostalgic feel of the original bar—a popular spot for Butler University students from 1974 to 1994—but with a modern twist.

The self-pour taps are powered by iPourIt technology and allow patrons to serve themselves a variety of draft beverages without waiting for a bartender. Guests can use an RFID-enabled wristband to activate the taps, try different beverages, and track the ounces as they go.

“Self-pour technology has not only added an extra element to differentiate our concept but it’s also helped us get ahead of the labor shortage problem,” Smith said. “We can provide great service without stress-testing our staff and customers can get a drink within a few minutes of walking in the door.”

A selection of 40 different domestic and craft beers from a variety of styles including lagers, sours, IPAs, and stouts will be available on the tap wall. Six taps will be reserved for red and white wines and the remaining two taps will pour draft cocktails—a house margarita and whiskey lemonade.

The kitchen is led by Chef Tory Walker and the menu includes gourmet bar snacks, specialty smash burgers, sandwiches, and Neapolitan-style pizzas. A curated brunch menu will be offered on Sundays.

The Bulldog is located in the South Broad Ripple (SoBro) neighborhood down the street from Butler University in an area where many alumni currently reside. General Manager, Marcus Bethea, hopes to revive the nostalgia and excitement of the former students and offer a space for the community to gather and watch games again.

Grand opening celebrations will take place this weekend with live music and food specials. Festivities will begin on Friday, June, 10, and continue through Sunday.

The Bulldog Bar and Lounge is located at 5380 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

About The Bulldog Bar and Lounge
The Bulldog is back in its original location with three new experiences—a family-friendly social house, sports bar, and soon-to-come cocktail lounge featuring Indianapolis’ first self-pour tap wall experience. Enjoy gourmet food and pour your own beer, wine, and more. Visit www.bulldogbr.com for more information.

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