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With increasing demands for efficiency in the service industry, it’s important to have the right tools in place for your team. iPourit offers a streamlined solution for your business that not only simplifies your workflow and staffing needs, but collects immediate and essential information for management as well. In a traditional bar setting, operators are constrained by the limitations of manual service. Fortunately, there’s now a simple answer for those who are just starting out or wanting to take their business to the next level. With iPourIt, businesses can benefit from a self-serve dispensing technology that enhances service and provides a host of benefits for staff members and patrons.

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We installed the very first self-pour beverage wall in the game – engineered completely in-house, in the USA.

Our team of knowledgeable experts is here for support and guidance every step of the way, from planning and design to opening day and beyond.

First time taproom or restaurant owner? Get our help with set-up and design, operational tips, best practices and more. We’re true self-pour partners.

Evaluate the features

Developed in the USA

iPourIt was the first self-pour system on the market - conceived and created here in the USA. Our development team is accessible and works hard to release regular updates and quick fixes.

Unparalleled data

Our unique patented technology allows us to collect anonymized data from each system so we can provide operators with handy operational insights and powerful reporting tools.

Lowest cost guaranteed

Get the best value on the market. Considering upfront acquisition costs and long-term investment, we offer the lowest cost across the board - no matter the configuration

Touchless options

Customer safety is the #1 priority - especially as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep patrons safe with touch-free options for check-in, check-out and RFID technology.

Automated scheduling

Set it and forget it. Create preset system schedules for power-up, shut-down and special discounts. Run automated promotions by product, beverage style, tap number and more.

SMART management tools

The iPourIt platform pairs with a custom-built management workstation that provides real-time details on inventory levels, patron traffic, maintenance and cleaning needs, and more.

Remote support

We’re able to access and support each system remotely. No more wasted time on long tech support calls or tricky manual troubleshooting.

Consultative onboarding

Meet your self-pour partners. We use years of experience paired with insights from millions of ounces of pour data to educate and guide operators through all of the tough decisions.

Look under the hood

Self Pour Beer

Keep your cooler clean and clutter-free. Eliminate messy wires with advanced POE networking.
Simplify your setup with a single cable to connect and power each screen. Talk about intelligent design.

Go for a test drive

Patron experience

The wait is over

Self-pour is self-paced. Check-in quickly, drink on your own time and get out the door as soon as you’re ready.

Freedom of choice

Enjoy the freedom to sample as much as you like, without committing to a full pour. Taste beers, wines, ciders, seltzers and more — or take a selection “to-go” and try at home.

Get the rare stuff

Try hand-picked, premium products that are often unavailable for purchase at local stores.

Benefits for Patrons

The check-in process for patrons is very simple, allowing customers to skip the line at the bar and get straight to the taps. First, the system will scan your patrons’ driver’s licenses and capture data. Next, the customer will be issued an RFID card, wristband, or Touchless Tap Key (TTK) to start exploring the beverage selection immediately. After selecting the beer or wine they would like, patrons simply scan their RFID or QR code, wait for the tapscreen to activate its green light, and start pouring.

Operator experience

Simplify staffing needs

No bartenders on your team? Simplify staffing needs and reduce labor costs with the Taptender role.

Boost alcohol revenue

iPourIt operators report an average increase of 39% in alcohol sales after installing the platform.

Eliminate keg loss

With self-pour, there’s no free sampling, no wrong orders, and no sweet-hearting for free drinks.

Keep customers safe

iPourIt self-pour tech allows for touch-free check-in, check-out and pouring, reduces touch points between guests and staff, and promotes proper social distancing

Improved Operations for Business Owners and Staff Members

Adding self-pour beer or wine technology to your business concept can help you to achieve the following:
  • Increase alcohol sales and overall revenue
  • Reduce and simplify labor needs
  • Eliminate keg shrink
  • Improve business operations
  • Enhance customer experience
From an operational perspective, you can easily manage inventory and pricing, update beverage selections that are available on tap in real-time, and easily promote products on your menu.

Customize and build

Flexible tap to screen set-up

Choose a configuration that works best for your space and your business goals. Save wall space and upfront cost with multiple taps per screen (we can even do 5 or more). Enable social distancing and minimize wait time with separate screens for each tap.

Tap-to-activate RFID options

Pick from a variety of user-friendly RFID tokens. Get wristbands or new Touchless Tap Keys from iPourIt, or order from a third party. Prevent lost or forgotten cards and walk-outs with simple tap-to-activate RFID technology.

Create a command center

Build a management workflow that enhances your self-pour operations. Pair our powerful Management Work Station interface with the iPourIt POS Lite system for simple transactions and reporting. Or choose from a variety of third-party POS integrations

After-Sales Support Service

Changing your service process can seem like a substantial adjustment. With our team in your corner, you’ll enjoy full training on your new system. Our American-based company will be there for your company from the very start and continue to be available for any updates and maintenance along the way.

Contact Our Tap Experts Today

If you’re ready to have a self-pour beverage wall installed at your establishment so you can increase revenue, support your sales teams, and stand out from the crowd, reach out to our tap experts. Still, have questions on how we can take your business to the next level? Call today for more answers.

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Pour what you want, when you want with iPourIt’s self-pour technology

Why wait around for a drink? We’d rather skip the line and grab it ourselves. Why order a full pint if you’re on the fence? We’d rather try a taste first. That’s why we created iPourIt self-pour technology.

Our innovative self-pour draft systems put you in control, and when you’re in control, you can decide just how little, or how much, you want to pour.

Self-Pour in three simple steps



Scan your ID and swipe a payment card to check-in. Grab an RFID (wristband, Touchless Tap Key , etc.) and a glass.


Pour up

Explore your options, choose a beverage and use your RFID to activate the tap and track your tab. Pour as little or as much as you like.



Simply tap your RFID to pull up your tab and quickly check-out. Pay only for what you poured.

See how it works

Choose your own adventure

iPourIt self-pour automatic beer dispenser systems offer a fun new way to enjoy your favorite beverages and discover new ones. Enjoy the freedom to explore and pour on your own terms. No need to wait around for a drink. No need to order something you’re unsure of. It’s simple—pour what you want, when you want.

Tap into tech

At iPourIt, we believe that enjoying draft beverages should be fun and convenient. And that’s exactly what our self-pour technology is built for. Our simple tap-to-activate system makes it easy and hassle-free to pour your own drinks—just touch your RFID (wristband, card, etc.) to the logos on the tap screens and start pouring when the light turns green.