How it works for operators

Boost beverage sales, increase service speed and capacity, reduce product loss, and solve tricky labor challenges—all while providing a fun, user-friendly experience for your guests.

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Why operators love iPourIt…

Boost revenue

With nearly 400 million ounces poured, operators report an average increase of 39% in alcohol sales after installation of an iPourIt system and an increase in profits equal to or greater than all other self-pour products on the market.

Prevent over-serving

The system's preset pouring limits help keep guests safe. When the limit is reached, staff can evaluate the customer's sobriety and decide whether to add another round. Guest RFIDs can be deactivated from the management workstation at any time to prevent conflict on the floor.

Eliminate Keg Loss

Eliminate keg loss

With self-pour, there are no wrong orders, free samples, or giveaways. iPourIt operators report an average keg yield of 97%, while the industry average for food and beverage is just 76%.

Differentiate your business

Get ahead of the competition and attract new customers by offering a unique and memorable experience. Be the first to bring the concept to your town!

How self-pour works for operators

Super quick check-in

Quickly scan a guests driver’s license to verify and start a new tab

Collect valuable demographic data to help with decisions on beverage selection, promotions, special events, and more

Intelligent Inventory

Intelligent inventory control

Know exactly how much product is in every keg at all times

Keep track of inventory and keg aging with “on deck” and “benched” keg options

Choose from thousands of beverages in the iPourIt library to quickly add new items to your menu – or search the Untappd database with our full integration

Staffing challenges solved

With self-pour, alcohol service is not impacted by issues with labor resources, including shortages and underage staff

Serve beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more without a trained bartender or extra staff on the floor

Free up staff to focus on guests and food service

Train a taptender

Automated pricing specials

Set automated schedules for system power up and down, special discounts and promotions

Screens change automatically to reflect pricing specials on certain products at predefined intervals (i.e. 20% off white wine pours from 3:30pm-5pm)

Prevent problem pours

Eliminate trouble-shooting headaches and prevent unnecessary profit loss on unmetered pours

Our SMARTS™ Preventative Meter Alert System notifies you when there’s potential metering issues before they become a serious problem

The system is alerted when a tap is activated without recording a pour and after several times, the tap is automatically disabled until the issue is resolved

Dig into data

Dig into the data

Access powerful consumer data points from your location—slice and dice as needed to build useful reports and graphics with our TapVision™ business intelligence portal

Use the data to assist with business decisions on pricing, product choice, labor, special promotions and more

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How Our Self-Pour Commercial Beer Tap System Works for Operators

Hundreds of businesses are investing in iPourIt self-pour technology to power their beer dispense taps—and for good reason. Our operators are seeing a significant boost in beverage sales, increased capacity with faster service, less product waste, simplified staffing needs, and reduced overhead costs. Interested in learning more about iPourIt’s self-pour system? Let’s break down the benefits.

Benefits for Operators

iPourIt self-pour commercial beer tap systems use proprietary automated technology to:

Boost sales

Grow profits

Increase margins

Reduce overhead

Simplify staffing

Eliminate product loss

Streamline service

Enhance customer experience

Promote safety

Differentiate your business

Grow Profits

  • Increase profits by increasing service capacity, eliminating product waste, and attracting new customers. 
  • Make intelligent data-driven decisions to help build your business with real-time inventory management and exclusive product preference data. 
  • iPourIt operators see 50% more alcohol sales and 45% higher profits than traditional beverage service on average.

Reduce Overhead

  • Cut down on labor costs by automating the beverage service experience. 
  • Eliminate product loss due to mispours, free tastes, and giveaways. 
  • iPourIt operators report an average of a 97% keg yield, while traditional service sees just 76%.

Simplifying Staffing

  • Staffing is straightforward—there’s no need for a trained bartender or extra support. 
  • The system runs itself, solving tricky labor challenges due to staffing shortages and underaged staff. 
  • Free up staff members so your team can focus on your customers.

Streamline Service

  • With the iPourIt self-pour beer dispenser tap system, inventory is automated so you can see exactly how much is in each keg in real-time.
  • Easily add new beverages to the taps with access to thousands of beverages in the iPourIt library, or choose from the Untappd database with our full integration.
  • Automatically generate per ounce pricing either by the pint or by gross margin with our built-in pricing calculator.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • No one likes to wait for a drink. Self-pour is self-paced. Guests can check in right away, drink on their own schedule and get checked out as soon as they’re ready.
  • iPourIt self-pour commercial beer tap systems give guests the freedom to taste a variety of beverages without committing to a full pint. They can sample beer, wine, cider, seltzer, and more, and explore tasting notes and fun details for each beverage.

Promote Safety

  • iPourIt technology tracks each patron’s ounces individually so operators can see exactly how much is being consumed to help prevent overserving. 
  • Once the preset pouring limits are hit, customers are required to check in with staff to request another round.
  • Check-in includes a driver’s license scan with verification to help staff confirm that the ID is valid and the customer is of legal drinking age.

Differentiate Your Business

  • Stand out in a competitive market and attract new and returning customers by offering a unique and memorable experience.
  • Offer something for everyone with self-pour beer, wine, cocktails, hard cider and kombucha, cold-brew coffee, and more—all in one automated system.

Appeal To a Fresh Audience

  • Appeal to Gen Z and Millennial customers with the convenience and instant gratification of self-serve technology and give them control of their experience.

Hear From an Operator

See how Beer Cave Brewing boosted sales and streamlined operations with the iPourIt system.

We Have Your Back, Every Step of the Way

Are you looking to get started in the exciting self-pour space? Our entire team is here to support your success.

Consultative Onboarding

  • Our team of knowledgeable self-pour experts is here for support and guidance every step of the way, from planning and design to opening day and beyond.
  • We use years of experience paired with insights from millions of ounces of pour data to educate and guide operators through all of the key decisions.

Self-Pour Pioneers

  • iPourIt was the very first self-pour system on the market and our product was conceived and developed right here in the USA.
  • Work with the most experienced team in the business with hundreds of installations and launches under our belt.
  • Our talented in-house development team is regularly releasing updates and innovative new features based on our learnings and feedback from iPourIt operators.

Industry Leading Customer Care

  • iPourIt Customer Care offers 24/7/365 support and one of our experienced self-pour experts will be available and ready to help anytime you need assistance.
  • Our self-pour systems can be accessed remotely for hassle-free updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Get on-going assistance with training, set-up, system management, and more.

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Top Notch Tech Stack

Our suite of smart tools makes management a breeze. Check out the benefits of partnering with us and implementing our commercial beer tap system.

Self-Pour Command Center

The iPourIt platform is powered by an intelligent management workstation packed with handy tools and real-time reports on inventory levels, traffic, cleaning needs, maintenance, and so much more.

Unmatched Data

Tap into our exclusive TapVision™ business intelligence portal and get access to unparalleled consumer and demographic data collected from your iPourIt system. Use handy reporting tools to understand your customer base, identify key users, create targeted marketing campaigns, and make smart business decisions about product selection, pricing, promotions, and more.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Our automated inventory tracking feature tells you the exact amount left in each keg right on the tap screen or from the management workstation. Plus, you can track what’s in backstock so you and your team can stay on top of ordering like never before.

Automated Scheduling

Set it and forget it. Create preset system schedules for power-up, shut-down and pouring access, plus run automated discounts and special promotions by product, beverage style, tap number and more.

POS Integrations

With an open API and in-house development team, we can offer more POS integrations than any other self-pour provider.   Choose from our growing list of integrations or let us know which POS system you’d like to work with and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
  • Toast
  • Aloha
  • Brink
  • Dinnerware
  • Micros
  • POSitouch
  • Squirrel
  • Xpient
  • Lavu
  • Lightspeed
  • Maitre’D
  • NCR Cloud Connect

Our Self-Pour Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to fit your business needs best. Our self-pour commercial beer tap system is available in a plug-and-pour kiosk unit or a custom tap wall solution.

Custom Tap Wall

Work with our team of experts to build the perfect self-pour tap wall system for your business. We’ll help develop a comprehensive self-pour strategy and connect you with our experienced partners to design a custom three-part system:
  • iPourIt technology
  • Draft beverage system
  • Dedicated walk-in cooler.


Add an instant revenue stream with no construction or additional labor required. iPourIt kiosk systems provide a convenient plug-and-pour solution that’s perfect for new or existing business ideas for spaces requiring flexibility and make it easy to offer self-pour beverages in any space. Our lineup of standalone units offer all of the benefits of a self-pour tap wall system in one self-contained unit.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to speak with an expert about an iPourIt self-pour commercial beer tap system? Get the smartest technology and the best value for self-pour beer tap solutions.

Unmatched 3-year warranty

Protect your self-pour investment with the longest replacement coverage on self-pour systems in the business.

Financing options available

Our experienced sales team can provide flexible financing options to help you get up and running with an iPourIt system.

Contact us today and learn more about taking your business to the next level with iPourIt self-pour commercial beer tap system technology.