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Operator Experience

All of the benefits of self-pour, but better. Our latest GEN 4 platform is packed with tons of new tools and features to boost your business even further.

Watch! Self-pour from an operator's perspective

Why operators love iPourIt…

Boost revenue

With over 220 million ounces poured, iPourIt systems have generated over $110 million in revenue and operators report an average increase of 39% in alcohol sales after installation.

Prevent over-serving

The system's preset pouring limits help keep guests safe. When the limit is hit, staff can add another round from any tap screen. Guest RFIDs can be deactivated from the management workstation at any time to prevent conflict on the floor.

Eliminate Keg Loss

Eliminate keg loss

With self-pour, there are no wrong orders, free samples, or giveaways. iPourIt operators report an average keg yield of 97%, while the industry average keg yield for food and beverage is a shockingly low 76%. That’s 24% of the revenue going down the drain.

Differentiate your business

Get ahead of the competition and attract new customers by offering a unique and memorable experience. There’s still plenty of time to be the first to bring the fun to your town!

How it works for operators

Check-in champion

Quickly scan a guests driver’s license to verify and start a new tab

Collect valuable demographic data to help with decisions on beverage selection, promotions, special events, and more

Touchless is trending

Touchless is trending

Automatic Beer Dispenser

Add a stand-alone driver’s license scanner and RFID reader

Choose the Touchless Tap Key RFID to allow guests to pour without touching any tap handles or screens

Opt to show a pouring tutorial upon each patron’s first tap activation

Train a taptender

No bartenders on your staff? Simplify your labor needs with the “Taptender” role

Taptenders are tap wall experts, educating patrons on the beverage selection and self-pour process

They also check customers in and out, keep glassware stocked and add additional ounces for guests

Train a taptender
Intelligent Inventory

Intelligent inventory

Know exactly how much product is in every keg at all times

Keep track of inventory and keg aging with “on deck” and “benched” keg options

Choose from thousands of beverages in the iPourIt library to quickly add new items to your menu – or search the Untappd database with our full integration

Prevent problem pours

Eliminate trouble-shooting headaches and prevent unnecessary profit loss on unmetered pours

Our SMARTS™ Preventative Meter Alert System notifies you when there’s potential issues at the taps before they become a serious problem

The system is alerted when a tap is activated without recording a pour and after several times, the tap is automatically disabled until the issue is resolved

Set it & forget it

Set automated schedules for system power up and down, special discounts and promotions

Screens change automatically to reflect pricing specials on certain products at predefined intervals (i.e. 20% off white wine pours from 3:30pm-5pm)

Keep things clean

Receive friendly reminders when it’s time to clean the lines – every 14 days is recommended

Handy line history reports tell you exactly how many ounces were run through the lines during cleaning and who performed the cleaning

Dig into data

Dig into data

Access powerful consumer data points that can be sliced and diced as needed to build useful reports and graphics with the new TapVision™ business intelligence portal

Use the data to assist with business decisions on pricing, product choice, labor, special promotions and more

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