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How it works for users

No more waiting around for a drink. Instead, enjoy the freedom
to explore and taste on your own terms.

Watch! Self-pour from a patron's perspective

Why users love iPourIt...

The wait is over

No one likes to wait for a drink. Self-pour is self-paced. Check-in right away, drink on your own schedule and check out when you’re ready.

Freedom of choice

Enjoy the freedom to taste without committing to a full pint. Sample beer, wine, cider, cocktails, and more, and explore tasting notes and details for each beverage.

Try the rare stuff

Taste a variety of hand-picked beverages and try new things that are hard to find on tap and even harder to find in stores.

How self-pour works for users

Self Serve Beer Tap



Scan your driver’s license and swipe your payment card to quickly open a tab

Grab an RFID (wristband, card, etc.). RFIDs are limited to one round. Ex: 32 oz of beer, 12 oz of wine, 10oz of mixed drinks or 3 oz of spirits

Want to mix and match? The limit will automatically adjust according to what you pour



Grab a glass and check-out the beverage selection by browsing the displays on the tap screens located just above the taps

The screens provide details for each beverage including type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU, price per ounce, etc.



Once you’ve made your pick, simply hold the RFID up to the logo at the bottom of the screen to activate the tap

When the green light appears, it’s go time! Pour as much or as little as you’d like, and see exactly how much you’re pouring in real-time




Sit back, sip, and relax

A few ideas: Catch up with old friends, meet new friends, play a board game, get suggestions for your next pour, grab a snack etc.


Explore more

Pour from as many taps as you’d like, up to the preloaded ounce limit for each round

Once you hit the limit, just find a friendly staff member and they can quickly add more ounces from any tap screen or from the management workstation

check out



Simply tap your RFID to pull up your tab

Pay with cash or the card on file and see all of your pours on an itemized receipt

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self-pour expert?