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iPourIt Fast Facts

To make things easy, we’ve created a quick list of the pros of partnering with iPourIt so you can see the highlights in one place.




Software-Based PlatformScalable enterprise software-based technology with real-time updates. Fully automated with secure database backup and recovery to the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and SQL BackupHardware-focused technology
Native DevelopmentDesigned, developed, and supported by its creators with ongoing development and regular feature releasesPourMyBeer is a long-term partner and brand owner located in Chicago, U.S. PourMyBeer exclusively uses Silexa technology invented and produced in Hollabrun, Austria. Source: Silexa.com
Quarterly Software UpdatesAutomatic updates, remotely loaded 
Industry-Standard NetworkingNot dependent on Wi-Fi. Powered by industry-standard IEEE 802.3at PoE technology 
RFID Token ChoicesFlexibleSimple tap-to-activate technology limits issues with lost cards and walk-outs. Choose from wristbands, custom fobs, or Touchless Tap Keys, which allow guests to pour without touching tap handles or screensLimitedCompatible with a card that must be left in a slot on the tap screen to operate. High risk of card loss and walk-outs
Real-Time InventoryUnlimitedReal-time graphic shows the ounces left in each keg. Inventory is visible on the iPourIt Enterprise Server, Management Workstation, tap screens, and website.LimitedLimited to management dashboard and email alerts
Tap Screen ConfigurationUnlimitedChoose 1:1, 1:2, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 +LimitedHardware is limited to 4:1
Mobile App for OperatorsCustom branded app where guests can access quick check-in, personal pour history, the location’s tap list, loyalty programs, and more 
Tap Screen DisplaysAdvancedDisplays include tasting notes, brewery details, ABV/IBU ratings, price per ounce, recommended glassware, and current keg levels in one viewLimited 
Tap Screen EnhancementsOngoingTap screens support animated graphics, automatic pouring tutorials, and moreLimited 
Patron Check-In DataScans and collects data – age gender, and zip code (anonymized) 
High ABV Consumption CalculationProactively prevents overconsumption by calculating when pours occur, the amount poured, and differentiates between high and low ABV 
PowerDCUses IEEE 802.3at PoE technology; the same as millions of devices around the world. Distance can go beyond 300ftACNon-standard, electrically noisy. Distance limited to 50ft
Monthly FeeIncludes 24/7/365 support, beer menu curation, automatic updates, and more. $0.01 per ounce poured, monthly cap.For technical support only. Flat monthly fee of $100 for the first tap, plus $20 for each additional tap
Real-time Low Keg Inventory AlertsConfigurable automated alerts
Keg ChangeAdd or change kegs from the Enterprise Server or Management Workstations. Easy, automatic updates to tap screens and Untappd menusRequires third-party service
Benched Keg FeatureUse the “benched keg” feature to temporarily remove kegs and store inventory data for tap take-over events
Beer Menu ManagementiPourIt curates an extensive beer library with images and full profiles, in addition to Untappd listingsRequires third-party service
Line Cleaning ReportLine cleaning and performance tool ensures lines are properly cleaned and maintained
Remote Support CapabilitiesiPourIt Customer Care can remotely access system components to perform troubleshooting and updates
Automated Pricing SchedulesSet automated schedules for special promotions – pricing and screens change automatically during desired timesLimited
Daily Sales ReportsGross, net, and product typeLimited
Categories Sold ReportBy beverage, style, type, etc.Limited
New vs. Repeat Patron ReportDetermine number of new or repeat customersDoes not differentiate
Loyalty Program ReportRobustProvides marketing tools to establish and enhance patron loyaltyLimitedManual
Track Employee DiscountsEnsures standard operating procedures, gives more control for loss preventionMust be manually tracked through a Point of Sale system

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