SMARTS™ Technology

Power tools for your self-pour business

Handy features

Inventory & menu management

The system collects and tracks all pour data so you exactly how much is in each keg at all times

Add new deliveries to an on deck list until they’re ready to be tapped to track keg aging for easy inventory management

Temporarily remove or “bench” a keg and the system will preserve the keg level data until it’s added back to the tap wall

It’s easy to add beverages! Browse our extensive library, search Untappd, send us a request or create it yourself

Automatically generate per ounce pricing either by the pint or by gross margin with our built-in pricing calculator

Configure the system for to-go growler and crowler fills to properly track and record data for high volume pours

Self-pour business tools

Operator dashboard

Operator dashboard

Provides operators with a comprehensive, user-friendly snapshot of beer wall operations.

It includes handy details on daily patron traffic, inventory levels, keg aging, discount usage, preventative maintenance needs and more, all on one screen – no searches or queries needed.

TapVision reporting

TapVision™ reporting package

TapVision™ is the only business intelligence tool designed for self-pour operators. 

The new custom-built cloud-based platform offers an array of handy pre-set reporting options, so you can quickly and easily access powerful insights and consumer data points, export the details, and get right back to business.

Automated scheduling

Set automated schedules for system power up and down, discounts and more.

Tap screens change automatically to display special pricing for specific products during preset timeframes (i.e. 20% off all white wine pours between 3pm-5pm).

Preventative meter alert system

SMARTS™ Technology proactively detects when taps are activated without recording a pour and notifies the operator.

After several alerts are detected on the same tap, it’s automatically disabled from pouring until the operator is able to look into the issue.

Without the alert system, operators would lose product and revenue to metering issues that could have been easily prevented.

Line cleaning & maintenance modes

Special modes ensure that ounces poured during cleaning and maintenance are recorded as such.

SMARTS™ Technology keeps track of the line cleaning schedule and sends friendly reminders when it’s time to clean the lines.

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