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It began with a long wait for a beer. And then another long wait. Like millions of other patrons, our founders constantly endured this negative experience at restaurants, bars, and taprooms. They thirsted for a better way.

Seeing a lucrative opportunity for establishments serving beer and wine, they set out to dramatically improve the patron experience. After all, happy patrons spend more money and come back; unhappy patrons write negative reviews and take their dollars elsewhere. The solution had to be fast and convenient. It had to be cool. It had to add value for both the operator and patron. That’s how the idea for iPourIt self-serve technology was born.

After thousands of hours spent researching, conceptualizing, coding, prototyping, and beta-testing, the product was ready for the marketplace. Angel investors loved the concept and fully funded iPourIt.

The National Leader: 9.4 Million Patrons

Fast-forward to today. With over 188 million ounces poured since 2012, iPourIt is North America’s leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology. In fact, iPourIt represents 63% of total self-serve beer wall taps available in the U.S. What began as an idea is now a proven, measurable, profit-generating software model.

9.4 million patrons have already experienced iPourIt. With over 5,100 taps in operation, and 1,422 more scheduled to be installed, iPourIt is leading the self-serve industry by a wide margin. We’re proud to deliver the only self-serve beverage dispense system developed, patented, and manufactured in the USA.

From taprooms, fast-casual restaurants, and hospitality venues—to urban living and corporate offices—we’ve demonstrated ROI value with operators in diverse markets. iPourIt operators differentiate themselves, increase revenue, and delight patrons with a sustainable self-serve system.

Multi-Unit Magic

We’re pleased to report that some of our operators are on their seventh iPourIt-enabled location. In fact, 61% of our taps are installed in multi-unit locations. (Our closest competition can only claim 9%.) These organizations, including fast-casual chains and taprooms, have discovered how lucrative our self-serve technology can be. It’s clear—if it didn’t make money, they wouldn’t be investing in multiple iPourIt locations.

Long-term Partnerships

Our operators don’t think of us as vendors—they know us as partners. When you become an iPourIt operator, we all share the same exact goal—to help you generate greater revenue while delighting patrons. When you succeed, we succeed. We’re your dedicated innovation partner, from your initial sales call and consultation through installation, launch, and ongoing support.

Our technology is proven, long-lasting, and we continue to innovate. (Software updates are sent seamlessly to operators.) We provide 24/7 technical support, so you’re never alone. As a company, we’re fully funded, profitable, growing, and committed to a long-term partnership.

As for operators who want to “go big” in self-serve, iPourIt represents 60% of all taps in the U.S. for locations with 40 or more self-serve taps.

Team iPourIt: Passionate Tapologists

We operate on sound principles of exceptional value, ethics, and transparency. Our team is made up of passionate, business-minded experts in software, coding, analytics, ROI, finance, customer experience, food and beverage, hospitality, and beyond. Our board members are successful, connected entrepreneurs who guide and inspire us as we revolutionize the industry—one ounce at a time.

And yes, we have a passion for experiencing great beer and wine. We like to think of ourselves as Self-Serve Tapologists.


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