Carl Mostert

Carl is the CEO of iPourIt, inc., where he leads and manages all facets of the business. With over 25 years leading high-tech and software businesses, Carl is best known for creating exponential business growth through strategy implementation, internal development, and improvements to operational efficiency and quality. Carl’s commitment and dedication to continuous improvement and delivering quality solutions, drives iPourIt’s credibility as the leading self-serve company in the industry.

As a South African Native, Carl served as 1st Lieutenant in the 1st Parachute Battalion for two years. An Electrical Engineering graduate from University of Johannesburg he completed an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK in 2001. With his leadership experience in both large and small enterprises such as Siemens, Spescom Software and Touchwork, Carl is driving the company’s growth, with a commitment to quality.

A Few More Words About Me

I’m a global business traveler who has traveled to 50 states and 43 countries. I’m a lover of nature and sports, with a passion for my family, wine, skiing, golf and rugby. Now an American citizen, I live in San Diego with the love my life Beppie, our only daughter Kim-Ashleigh, and a spoiled little cat named Pepper. 

Go-to Pour

Carl’s first go-to pour is an Easy Jack IPA from Firestone Walker. I love its fresh, crisp, clean flavors and easy drinking style. Next, his second pour would likely be from a home grown brewery – Stone Smoked Porter for its rich, creamy, full bodied taste.