New Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps Offers a Self-Serve Beer Wall For Those Who Love Variety

New Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps in Santa Clarita offers a 30-tap self-serve beer wall using iPourIt technology for those who love variety.

Tomato Joe’s Pizza recently opened a new location in Santa Clarita with a 30-tap self-serve beer wall. The beer wall uses iPourIt technology to offer a wider selection, automatically measure pours, collect data, and enhance the patron and operator experience.

The new location is receiving positive reviews. One of which includes Crystal Duan with The Signal, a publication in Santa Clarita Valley.

She writes, “There is a wide variety of brews up for sampling, and you can serve yourself at this establishment and drink as much or little to your heart’s content with wider selection for your palette.”

Patrons are recognizing the uniqueness of the self-serve concept. Tomato Joe’s Pizza is the first self-serve bar in Santa Clarita.

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About Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps

Tomato Joe’s Pizza is a fast-casual, family-owned pizza joint based in Valencia, Calif. Known for their unique creations, large variety of toppings, and fun atmosphere, Tomato Joe’s offers something for every craving and dietary preference. Patrons can customize their pizza with several different types of crusts and unique toppings, and they can enjoy a selection of national and craft beers. Currently, there are two locations in California. The newest location in Santa Clarita, Tomato Joe’s Pizza and Taps, features a 30-tap self-serve beer wall. Learn more at https://www.tomatojoespizza.com/.


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