Trending: Wine On Tap

Wine on Tap

Trending: Wine on Tap

When it comes to wine drinking methods, wine enthusiasts, winemakers and bar owners alike are opening their minds—and their tap lines.

Actually, the practice of serving wine on draft isn’t new—as long as seven years ago, the New York Times was touting the possibilities of keg-to-glass grapes—and today, bars across the country are offering up cabs, chards and zins on dispensing systems like Pro-Line Wine, which may be used in an iPourIt beer and wine wall. This wine tap product is a dual zone cooler which services white wines at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and reds at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

As popularized by Free Flow Wines, a state-of-the-art kegging and production facility based in Napa Valley, serving wine on draft via stainless steel kegs like beer has many benefits.

Wine on tap benefits:

  • Freshness is guaranteed, from packaging to pouring
  • Steel kegs are simple, sanitary and eco-friendly
  • Waste is significantly reduced—no bottles, breaks, or piled-up recycling
  • Plus, drinkers accustomed to a rotating selection of craft beverages are able to sample small amounts of wines, without wasting the time of your staff or the wine in your inventory.

12487277_742817665818873_4911850660217982470_oWho wine on tap is good for:

  • Brand new bars or restaurants
  • Bars renovating or planning a new bar buildout
  • Established venues with high volume and quick turnaround
  • Businesses with bad experiences concerning wine spoilage
  • Green, eco-friendly or sustainability-minded bars wanting to decrease waste
  • Bars looking for their next unique experience to offer curious customers

And, since iPourIt’s self-serve data shows that women prefer white wine, then red wine over any other beverage, we believe incorporating wine taps into your craft beer wall is an obvious next step to making your beverage lineup even more appealing (and better for your bottom line).

At venues that have adopted wine on draft using the iPourIt system, we’ve seen liquids from vineyards as diverse as Chateau Diana, Luna Vineyards, Deadbolt and the Catawba Island Wine Company being poured—flawlessly.

Ready to learn more about wine on tap and how it can improve your bar? Let us know in the comments or contact us here.

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