iPourIt to Install Self-Serve Beer Wall at Tribeca Luxury Apartments in St. Louis, Mo.

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Tribeca, St. Louis’ first hi-tech smart apartments, offers a self-serve beer amenity with a 6-tap self-serve beer wall.

ST. LOUIS, MO. – October 31, 2018 – Tribeca, a new luxury apartment complex in St. Louis, Mo. offers a new experience for residents with unparalleled amenities, including iPourIt’s self-serve beer wall.

iPourIt increases its lead in the self-serve beverage dispense technology market with the installation of a 6-tap self-serve beer wall at Tribeca.  The tap wall will feature local and regional beers. This is the first urban living concept in St. Louis to offer residents beer from self-serve taps using iPourIt’s technology. Tribeca is also the first hi-tech smart apartment complex to open in St. Louis, featuring a community robot that is mapped to the building’s hallways and elevators.

The hi-tech apartments are located just north of Forest Park in a diverse urban area of St. Louis. The luxury apartments offer many attractive amenities including, but not limited to, smart home technology, a saltwater pool deck, an entertainment deck and lounge, a pet park and spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and the self-serve beer taps. Tribeca started accepting new residents in April 2018.

Kyle Hennessey, VP of Sales & Marketing of Tribeca, says, “While Tribeca features a host of awesome amenities, I would put iPourIt at the very top. At no other apartment complex in the country does a tenant have full access to their very own self-serve bar. We have 6 taps so they can have their choice of craft beer, a seasonal IPA, or maybe a chardonnay or merlot. What an amenity!” 

With the iPourIt draught system, residents of Tribeca can have the freedom to pour and enjoy a beer in the common area or bring it back to their unit. Adding self-serve beer to the amenities allows residents to socialize with friends without leaving the comfort of their home.

Vice President of iPourIt, Darren Nicholson says, “We are very excited to be a part of this project. iPourIt takes pride in our innovative technology and in developing and growing a market that did not exist prior. Tribeca makes a great partner in revolutionizing and transforming the way people live. iPourIt is honored to add the self-serve beer and wine concept to Tribeca’s amenities.”

About Tribeca

Tribeca is St. Louis’ brand-new, luxury apartments built with exceptional design and unparalleled amenities. Opened in 2018, Tribeca revolutionizes the way you live. Live smart with smart technology featuring Alexa in every unit, and the community robot. You’ll find stylish spaces as unique as you are. Tribeca’s hand-selected, upscale amenities are designed to help simplify your life. Amenities include a saltwater pool deck, an outdoor entertainment deck, a state-of-the-art fitness center, self-serve beer taps, and more! To learn more about Tribeca, go to https://tribeca-stl.com/.


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