This World Famous Location in Downtown Casper Re-opens With Self-Serve Beer

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An old town once known as “The Oil City” is attracting big crowds and revitalizing its economy with cutting-edge self-serve technology.

C85 at The Wonder Bar in Casper, WY raced to reopen their doors in time for one of Casper’s largest tourist attraction: The 2017 Eclipse. A pleasant surprise for both locals and tourists, the new Wonder Bar came fully-loaded with two kitchens, multiple bars and 40 of iPourIt’s self-serve beer and wine taps.

The iconic downtown Casper establishment was purchased last fall by local energy entrepreneur Tony Cercy and his son, Cole, who took the creative lead on the comprehensive redesign of the location. This redesign opened the second floor of the establishment, which now has a separate kitchen featuring a fast casual menu, and of course, the 40 self-serve taps, featuring products ranging from American Lagers, IPAs, Porters, Wines, Ciders and many other styles. The second story also features a wall of televisions and a view of Center Street.

As expected, The Eclipse brought big crowds to the new downtown bar and officially set a new expectation for the world-famous location. Following this successful opening, The Wonder Bar still experiences big crowds daily, but locals don’t mind the crowds, especially since they no longer have to wait in line to pour their own beer or wine.

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