WOW American Eats Launches Its New Restaurant Model and Offers an iPourIt Self-Serve Beer Station in Covington, La. Location

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WOW American Eats, a Louisiana-Born Fast Casual Restaurant, chose its hometown of Covington, La. as the first location to launch the new restaurant branding, model and menu.

Covington, La. – iPourIt increases its lead in the market with the installation of a 16-tap self-serve beer wall at the first WOW American Eats location.

Darren Nicholson, Vice President of iPourIt, says, “As food and beverage companies try to stay relevant and differentiate themselves from the rest, iPourIt is excited to be a part of the movement. WOW American Eats chooses to ‘evolve with the changing tastes of American culture,’ and with iPourIt technology and data, we expect to see great success for both companies.”

Reid Nolte, Vice President of Brad Strategy with WOW American Eats, adds, “With our complete restaurant remodel, WOW American Eats decided to refocus its menu, service and experience on its core offerings: delicious, quality, ‘cravor-ful’ food and service that goes above-and-beyond in a fast casual dining experience. iPourIt and the self-serve concept offers a unique experience to customers in the Covington, LA market that allows them to sample to learn more about different craft beers from local and national breweries.”

Founded in 2001, WOW Café rebrands to WOW American Eats. They’ve worked with chefs and culinary leaders from around the country—including inspiration and insights from Iron Chef Jose Garces’ team—to create a menu focused on favorite American dishes and flavors, with a modern twist. As a Louisiana-born restaurant, WOW American Eats still uses local flavors and products.

Other new features include a focus on excellent customer service in a casual, fun dining environment, including the iPourIt self-serve beer station. The beer station features 16 self-serve taps offering local and regional craft beer. The iPourIt system allows guests to try new local and national craft beers without waiting in line or waiting for a server to reorder. Patrons will have total control over their drinking and dining experience with the ability to pour their own beverage and to try a specialized offering of their choosing without having to purchase an entire pint.

The Covington location anticipates its Grand Opening to be May 24, 2109.

About iPourIt, Inc.

iPourIt, Inc. is North America’s leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology with over 170 locations installed and operating, over 130 million ounces poured, and more than 4,200 taps installed. iPourIt partners with operators to provide an interactive, on-premise, self-service beer & wine experience promoting consumer choice and sampling. The technology has proven to increase revenue and drive profitability through higher space utilization and lower operating costs for clients while enhancing customer satisfaction. Learn more at https://ipouritinc.com.

About WOW American Eats 

Founded in 2001, WOW American Eats continues to evolve with the changing tastes of American culture. We offer a modern take on classic American dishes and flavors from around the country – all in a fun, fast casual setting. WOW American Eats is proud to unveil its new menu featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients and natural authentic flavors. Customers can also enjoy a unique experience with great customer service as they make a visit to the iPourIt self-serve beer station. The beer station features 16 self-serve taps pouring local and regional craft beers. The new fast-casual service model will provide guests with faster, consistent service, while maintaining the high quality of cuisine WOW fans have come to expect. To learn more, visit http://www.wowcafe.com/.


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